June 2022 Weekend Coffee Share #75

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I would tell you that I just got out of the hospital. I went in for confusion, dizziness, and feeling faint and nauseous. They did an MRI for the possibility of stroke, but I had a small aneurysm in the carotid artery. The neurosurgeons said it was too small for their intervention. Good and bad news. They say I will have to have it retested every year to see if it grows. In the meantime, only about 2-3% have a problem with it being as small as it is, but I am supposed to go to the emergency room if I experience the mother of all headaches. I have them quite often. This is worrisome. Part of me wishes they would do something about it, but I can’t make them.

I made a discovery while in the hospital. My allergies, especially the throat-clearing, disappeared in the hospital and within 3 hours of returning home had returned. It must be the dust in here.

While at the hospital I got the call that my dad was going to pass soon and the family should come up. He passed on Friday, June 24th. They wanted to keep me another day at least, but I asked them to let me come since I was upset about my dad and there wasn’t anything else for them to test either.

Have a great week, everyone.

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