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Premonition – Word of the Day Challenge

Rules for the Word of the Day Challenge:

Today’s word of the day is PREMONITION.


Many people don’t believe in premonitions, but I have had several come true. I have two particular ones that I remember vividly. 

Years ago, in the early 1980s, when my husband had gotten out of the Marine Corps, we moved back home to New Jersey. One night I had a dream or a premonition that our best friends would just show up to visit, and they would just be sitting in the driveway waiting for us to come home from work. I told my husband, who just laughed at me. 

We came home from work three days later, and they were sitting in the driveway. They drove from West Virginia without even making sure we would be home. It definitely surprised me, but it was true. I kind of worried about my dreams for a while as I was afraid more of them would come true. 

Years later, around 2014, I had a dream that I was going to come around the corner too fast, and a cop would be there in the next town waiting for me. That day I started into the curve, my mind said, the cop is there, and I just knew it was true. I tried to hit my brakes, but it was too late, and he was waiting for someone to take the curve too fast. I continued down the street, and as I got closer, I could see the cop car sitting there. I knew I was caught. I made a complete stop, with my blinker on since I was turning, and made the turn. He pulled out right after me and put his lights on. I pulled over and put my window down. He wished me good morning, which I returned politely, and then asked me if I knew why he pulled me over. There was no point in lying. I knew for sure. He said I was right and that he clocked me at 35 in a 25, and he noticed I hit the brakes. He asked for my license, insurance card, and registration. I told him I could give him the registration and insurance card right away since they were in the glove box, but I would have to get out of the car to get my license since it was in my purse in the trunk since I was going to the gym and I had already locked it in there so no one would notice me putting it in there and try to get it out. He told me never mind, this would be a warning. I was very lucky that time.

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