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K L Caley’s Rules

Tractor – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a red tractor about to head into the early morning fog.


Farming Ain’t For Me!

By Tessa Dean November 2022

“Ouch!” I grabbed my toes and massaged them. “Dammit, why must I trip over the bed frame every morning when I get up. I know it is there, for heaven’s sake,” I yell at my still-sleeping spouse. “Why did I let you talk me into buying this farm? I am not a farmer, I hate early mornings, and it is a lot of work.”

“Russell, why must you do this every morning? I don’t have to be up for hours, and you wake me up every morning screaming at yourself for something you surely can learn to avoid. How many times do you have to stub your toes before you remember to step away from the bed before walking?”

“Ahh, easy for you to say, Lisa, as you are more awake when you get up. I have to be up before the sun rises, and I am still asleep as I get wakened up by the baby crying most of the night. You finally go back to sleep after you finally get her settled, and therefore, you aren’t so tired. Try keeping my hours and see how you deal with the morning. Plus, it is dark in the bedroom, so you can sleep. I try not to wake you up too, but my poor toes.”

“Russell, at least you aren’t getting up and taking care of the baby during the night. I try to get to her as quick as possible. I hear her stirring with the baby monitor so I can get to her faster.”

“It would help if you would turn it off after you get to the room. I lie here listening to you two the whole time through the monitor.”

I look out the window and see by the lights out by the barns that it is a foggy morning again. I can’t see the tractor at all, but then most nights, I put it in the barn, so I shouldn’t see it.

I am slightly more awake by the time I eat and get ready to go to the barn, but I thought I left the tractor outside last night. So where was it? Puzzled, I head to the barn. It was not in there. I head out to the fields, where it is in the distance, all but invisible due to the fog. I have no idea why I left the tractor out in the fields. I vaguely remember getting off the tractor to take a wandering sheep back to its pen, and I must have decided to quit for the night and just left the tractor there. Farming is definitely not for me.


Tessa – 

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